In another world, mild-mannered Mark Moreno is the secret identity of superhero Mark Sarmel. In this world, they are one in the same and he spends his time making art rather than fighting super villains. From a highly advanced secret location, he works throughout the night creating works of art influenced by comic books, Japanese animation, sociocultural anthropology, mythology, Hip-Hop and fashion. Trained in the ancient arts of Illustration and Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies, Mark Sarmel has been spotted pushing his powers of pixel an paint to their limits in such venues as Innerstate Gallery, Gallery 1988, Bottleneck Gallery, Guzu Gallery, and the Red Bull House of Art.

Mark Sarmel’s recent work has revolved around the term Mythography. This term refers to the visual depiction of myths. In this body of work Mark Sarmel uses bright, bold colors and fluid line work to give a glimpse into an alternate universe to our own, one that is filled with multicultural characters inspired by ancient mythology, modern anthropology, music, fashion and comic books. This series imagines a world in which numerous minorities are depicted as heroes, kings, queens and even gods.



TEDx Detroit Labs


Solo Show - Atom Art - Mythography

Solo Show - Conserva - Mythography

Print Release - Innerstate

Group Show - Gallery 1988 - Crazy 4 Cult 11

Group Show - Dirty Show 18


Group Show - Gallery 1988 - Crazy 4 Cult 10

Group Show - Gallery 1988 - Thirty Years Later

Group Show - Guzu Gallery - Strange Beasts 3

Group Show - Innerstate Gallery - Detroiters

Group Show - Scarab Club - The Printer’s Devil

Group Show - Dirty Show 17


Group Show - Gallery 1988 - Crazy 4 Cult 9

Group Show - Guzu Gallery - High Scores

Group Show - Guzu Gallery - Untitled

Group Show - Innerstate Gallery - We Have A Dream

Group Show - Dirty Show 16


Group Show - Guzu Gallery - Children of the 80’s

Group Show - Ltd Art Gallery - Fantasy in the City


Group Show - Bottleneck Gallery

Group Show - Ltd Art Gallery - Saturday Morning

Print - Imago Mundi - Contemporary Artists from the USA


Group Show - 323 East - Apocalypto: An End of an Era

Group Show - Red Bull House of Art

Print Release - 1Xrun

Print - A Fung Mans Fancy - Art Zine


Print - Beautiful Decay

Print - Paper Science


Group Show - 323 East - Flesh, Fur and Fantasy

Live Painting - Microsoft - DEMF


Group Show - Dirty Show 10

Group Show - Lulubell Toys


Group Show - Dirty Show 9


Group Show - Dirty Show 8